The unvailing of the Bombardier Foundation monument (2004), Faculty of engineering, Sherbrooke University Granite and cast bronze

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Stoneartform thrives on originality of design and quality of production. With a basic outline of your requirements, Stoneartform will design a unique and high quality award, commemorative plaque or monument that will reflect your high standards and endure for many years to come. We take raw materials and transform them into an aesthetic form to fit your needs. The primary materials used are brilliant blow or cast and polished crystal, jade or starfire float glass, semi-precious metals, and several types of stone such as granite,.. Transformation of these materials requires specialized equipment and highly skilled craftsmen to arrive at an original concept. Over the past twenty-five years, we have developed special techniques to simplify the combined use of these materials, opening the way to limitless design possibilities.

Among our techniques are cutting, polishing, laminating, sandblasting, thermal forming and water jetting. Each of these techniques brings the raw materials to life. Take a moment to explore our site and discover for yourself why Stoneartform should be your choice for the highest quality and most original commemorative, recognition and corporate incentive designs. Metal, glass and stone! It cannot get any better...

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Company Profile
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