Crystal awards

Timelessly beautiful, crystal awards are a unique and distinctive way of commemorating an event. Stoneartform creates beautiful custom made and custom engraved crystal awards for every occasion. From weddings to anniversaries to corporate events, our crystal awards suit any circumstance with their sheer elegance and sophisticated style.

Why choose crystal awards?

Crystal awards are currently very popular because they offer an elegant look. We only use Optic crystal, which is among the finest available. It is lead free, which gives it clarity and shine. Crystal is a beautiful material that is delicate and resistant at once. These unique qualities make crystal awards especially interesting for events and commemorations. Since it reflects light so well, it is important that the crystal award be cut and engraved by a skilled and experienced technician.

When it comes to awards, we will never settle for anything less than perfection. At Stoneartform, our technicians have over 35 years of experience in the arts and in design, so you know your crystal award will come out absolutely perfect. We custom make every crystal award individually and we stand by our pieces. We can mix crystal with granite, marble or even steel, depending on your preferences. Ask about our materials and the engraving options for crystal awards.

Our crystal awards come with a special box to protect it and store it. If you need more information on our custom made crystal awards or would like to purchase one, please contact us today.

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