Engraved glass awards

Classic and crisp, a glass award is a perfect way to commemorate an event. Custom engraved glass awards are one of our specialties at Stoneartform.

Why choose a glass award?

Since glass has unique qualities, it is particularly expressive when honoring or recognizing a person, commerce or institution. Glass refracts light; it glitters; it is transparent, yet structural, and can be formed into unique shapes. It can also be colored or crystal clear and evokes ethereal properties. Over the years, engraved glass awards have become more and more popular because of the versatility of the material. Paired with beautifully cut stones like granite and marble, engraved glass awards are elegant and distinctive.

Have a look at the custom engraved glass awards we created for some of our customers. All of our customers were searching for artfully crafted awards that would amaze by their elegant structure and unique shapes.

If you want to learn more about our engraved glass awards, please contact us today.

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Feature Artwork : Engraved glass awards
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