Granite and marble awards

At Stoneartform, we specialize in custom made granite awards and marble awards. Every piece is skillfully crafted with detail and passion. We design your marble award according to your tastes and the engraving is done by experienced professionals.

Why choose a granite or marble award?

For centuries, granite and marble have been associated with strength, durability and good taste. Granite and marble express strength and longevity; when highly polished, its quartz content also gives it depth. It is no wonder granite and marble awards are prized for corporate events, commemorations and other special events. Marble and granite are natural stones that contain quartz. Both materials are available in different colors.

Since they are naturally made stones, the pieces are never the same and are always unique. The marbling effect and the color can vary and this is what creates the beauty of granite and marble awards. Combined with other materials like glass, crystal or semi-precious metals, granite and marble will make any award shine.

If you require any information on our granite or marble awards, please contact us.

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